World Class Piano Co. was established in August, 1995 by Dan Wilson.  At that point, we were primarily a retail piano operation which sold lots of middle-of-the-road pianos in high volume.  Since 2008, we have been focused almost exclusively on the higher end Steinway piano market.  We buy used Steinway grand pianos in all states of repair, from all points across the nation, and sell them to other dealers at wholesale prices.


Our dealer network encompasses many of the largest names in the industry.  We also currently EXPORT used Steinway grand pianos to 7 countries worldwide, and we are always looking to expand and make new customers, no matter where they are located!  Interested in our products?  Call us any time at (706) 936-4058. We would love to add you to our email list!


Yes we sell them as well

We sell wholesale to piano rebuilders, retailers, and technicians all over the world. We generally do not advertise for retail customers that are not in the industry. However, if you are not in the piano industry, and you know what you are looking for, and you can make a decision on purchasing an instrument without seeing or playing it in person, and you don't mind saving 30 to 60% off of retail, then feel free to call us. We can definitely find what you are looking for, at a price that is well below what you would pay retail.


If you are a rebuilder, retailer, or technician, and you would like to subscribe to our direct mailing list of used Steinway grand pianos as they become available, please call (706) 936-4058, or send an email to:




We are currently OFFERING FOR SALE the following models in varying conditions for the following price ranges:


Steinway S models- needing restoration with good or usable soundboard- $4800 to $7000 usd. In workable to retail ready condition, $7000 to $12,000 +, depending on year and condition.


Steinway M Models- needing restoration with good or usable soundboard- $5500 to $7800 usd. In workable to retail ready condition, $8000 to $14,000 +, depending on year and condition.


Steinway O and L Models-needing restoration with good or usable soundboard- $6000 to $7800 usd. In workable to retail ready condition, $8000 to $14,000 +, depending on year and condition.


Steinway Model A Pianos- A-1 85 note 1800's grands- original legs and lyre- original condition- $3500 to $5500. 88 note A-1's are very slightly higher.


A-2 grands generally run from $6000.00 to $10,000, depending on condition. A-3, or the "Stretch A's", (6ft 4 1/2 inches) are offered at around $9,000.00 to $15,000 and up, depending on finish, age, and condition.


Steinway B Models- 1800's 85 note grands- $5000 to $8500 and up, depending on condition. Modern Styles $11,000 to $40,000 and up, depending on condition



Steinway C and D Models- Call for pricing if inventory is available



We buy Steinway's and Other Pianos

Are you trying to sell your Steinway grand piano?  We can help!  We are one of the nations LARGEST purchasers of used Steinway grands.  We currently sell to 40 dealers, re-builders, and technicians here in the USA, and we currently export to 7 countries across the globe.  We typically buy between 10 to 15 used Steinway's a month.  We have MORE contacts to sell your piano.  We BUY more pianos.  We ONLY deal in used Steinway pianos, so we are EXPERTS in what we do.  We will pay you a fair price for your Steinway.  We will do it quickly.  We will handle ALL removal and shipping of the instrument.


What we will need in order to buy your Steinway:


We will need the serial number (usually located on the cast iron plate in the triangular well in the left hand side of the tuning pin area.   It will be a 5 or 6 digit number.


We would like to know if the piano has the original ivory keys.  If so, what condition are they in?


Is the instrument playable?  Has it been tuned and serviced regularly?


We will need the model (model A, B, C, D, S, M, L, or O)  If you don't know the model number, we can usually figure it out with the serial number and/or measurements.


We cannot always look at the piano in person, so we generally evaluate the piano with photographs which we ask you to provide for us.   Here are the photos which we will generally need:


  • 1) Close piano completely and take from front keyboard cover and lid closed.
  • 2) Picture of lid completely closed from overhead.
  • 3) Open piano completely, keyboard cover, lift lid, stand up music desk, take one picture.
  • 4) Slide music desk out of piano and take picture of all tuning pin areas.
  • 5) Take 2 pictures of soundboard ( Gold Harp) from top looking into the piano showing the entire interior of piano.
  • 6)  Lay down underneath piano and take 2 pictures of entire soundboard area looking up from floor.
  • 7)  Take pictures of all sides with legs of piano.
  • 8)  Lastly, take pictures of all the keys looking down from overhead. This should be 2 to 3 pictures.
  • The MOST IMPORTANT of these pics is usually the pics of the BOTTOM of the soundboard.
  • When the pics are complete, email them to  Please include your name, phone number, and city/state where you are located.


We buy Steinway grands in ANY condition.  Playing or NOT playing.  Beat up, or in pristine condition.  Old, new, or somewhere in between!!!  Call us today!   (866) 333-0142 or (706) 936-4058.


— FAQ —


Q - I am not a dealer.  Can I still buy from your company?


A - We only market and advertise to those inside the industry, but if you have found us and have no problem purchasing a piano without playing or seeing it in person, then yes we can.  However, these instruments are available on a first come, first serve basis once they are sent to our regular customers.  The downside is that you may need to have the piano voiced, regulated, or rubbed out once it arrives.  The upside is, you will save many thousands of dollars buying wholesale.



Q - I want to sell my piano.  My local dealer has given me a written appraisal that is 2 to 3 times the offers I have been getting from other people.  Is the appraised value what I should expect to get for the instrument?


A - There are many variables in determining the worth of a Steinway.  Age, condition, and restoration level are just a few.  Appraisals are generally NOT what you can expect to get for the instrument on the open market.  You can always see similar pianos listed on Ebay, Craigslist, and all over the internet, and they encompass EVERY condition and price range.  The key is to find at what price those instruments are SELLING for, as opposed to finding out what people are ASKING for them.  A little research will go a long way in helping you feel comfortable with what you are willing to sell your instrument for.  Even if we don't buy your piano, we will be more than happy to give you advice on how to sell or market it.  No charge.


Q - When we come to an agreement to sell with your company, how will we be paid?


A - Your choice, really.  Check, certified funds, wire transfer, and sometimes cash on pick-up.  (although we generally don't like to have large sums of cash with our drivers when they are picking it up, for obvious reasons)  We also can give the initial deposit instantly via PayPal


Q - Who handles the moving of the piano once it is paid for?


A - We handle all the moving, shipping, and logistics after the piano has been purchased.








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